Creating, downloading, and restoring from WordPress backups

System backups are created automatically every day for all hosting accounts and kept for seven days on our servers; however, we would recommend that you always create manual backups before making any major changes to your WordPress websites.

To create, download, or restore from a WordPress backup, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the hosting Control Panel's WordPress section.

  2. Find the desired WordPress installation in the list, and click on the Edit (Edit) button next to it. This will take you to the management page for the WordPress installation.

  3. In the Backup section, click on the Backup button at the bottom to create a new backup, or click on the Download or Restore buttons next to a backup to download or restore your WordPress installation from that backup.

The backups generated from the WordPress section are stored in the wp_backups directory of your account's Private directory.

By design, the WordPress section generates a backup before performing operations which may break your website or affect its uptime after completion (like changing the Site URL or setting a staging website as live). In such events, you can restore your website with a single click from the automatically created backup and minimize restoration efforts.