Attaching files to messages

Note: There is no file size limit for messages and attachments sent through our mail servers, excluding the Roundcube webmail client that has a file size limit for attachments of 60 MB due to performance considerations. In general, attaching files larger than 15 MB is not recommended as most third-party mail servers reject messages with large attachments, and your message may not reach the intended recipient/s. If you need to share files larger than 15 MB, you can upload them to your hosting account, and send links to the file to the recipient/s.

The process of adding attachments will vary depending on your webmail client of choice:


You can attach files when composing a message by clicking on the Attach button from the top toolbar or the Attach a file button from the file upload box on the right side of the message body field. After that, select the files you wish to attach to the message.

Alternatively, if you use a modern browser with HTML5 support, you can drag the files from your device and drop them directly on the file upload box.

Additional details on how to add attachments to your messages are available in the Sending Email Messages article from Roundcube's official documentation.

Webmail Classic

To attach a file to a message you are composing via Webmail Classic, you should:

  1. Click on the Add/Edit Attachments button to open the Add/Edit Attachments page.
  2. Click on the Browse/Choose file button to select the file that you wish to upload to the message from your device.
  3. To attach the file to your message, click on the Attach button.
    Note: Repeat steps #2 and #3, if you wish to upload additional files to your message.
  4. Once you are ready, click on the OK button to return to the Compose page. The names of the attached files will be listed next to the Add/Edit Attachments button.

If you wish to remove an attachment from a message you are composing, you need to:

  1. Click on the Add/Edit Attachments button to open the Add/Edit Attachments page.
  2. Click on the Remove button next to the attachment that you wish to remove.