Logging into webmail

You can access the Roundcube and Webmail Classic webmail clients via any modern web browser.

If your domain name is pointed to our servers, you can access the webmail clients by opening any of the following URLs in your browser:

  • http://mbox.example.com
  • http://mailbox.example.com
  • http://webmail.example.com
  • http://example.com/webmail

Note: You need to replace example.com with your domain name.

If your domain name is not pointed to our servers, you can use the following server URL:

  • https://mbox.your_server.com

Note: You need to replace your_server.com with your server hostname. You can find your server hostname listed in the upper left corner of your hosting Control Panel under Server name.

You can select which webmail client you wish to access via the Webmail App drop-down menu on the login screen. If you wish to access a specific webmail client directly, you can do that by adding /roundcube or /classic after the webmail client URL. For example, to access Roundcube directly, you can use http://mbox.example.com/roundcube, and to access Webmail Classic directly, you can use http://mbox.example.com/classic.