Supported webmail clients and their features

There are two webmail clients available for use on our servers:

  • Webmail Classic - an in-house-developed webmail client.
  • Roundcube - а popular open-source webmail client that is configured to match the rich set of features available in Webmail Classic.

You can find more information on how to access your mailboxes via the supported webmail clients in the Logging into webmail article.

Here is a short overview of what you can achieve with these webmail clients:

  • Read, compose, forward, save, edit, and delete messages.
  • Add, edit, group, and delete address book contacts.
  • Add, modify, share, and delete calendars and todos (available only in Roundcube).
  • Enable, edit, and disable autoresponders.
  • Enable and disable anti-virus protection.
  • Enable and manage spam protection settings.
  • Add and remove email addresses or domains to/from white and blacklists.
  • Add and remove email (header) filters to selectively junk, move to another folder, forward, or delete messages based on the contents of their headers.
  • Change your mailbox password.