Security notifications

The Security notifications section of the hosting Control Panel allows you to subscribe for e-mail notifications when certain events occur that are considered a vital part of the Control Panel security. Such events include Control Panel login attempts, account information updates, password changes for mailboxes, FTP, or the Control Panel itself, and others.

Setting up/updating notifications

To set up a notification, you need to:

  1. Enter the email address where you wish to receive security notifications in the E-mail field. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.
  2. Select the actions for which you want to receive notifications by checking the box in front of each desired action.
  3. Press the Create/Update button.

Whitelisting certain IP addresses

If you do not want to receive notifications for actions taken by your own IP address for example, you can add it to the Whitelisted IP addresses field. Just click on the button Add a new IP address, and enter the IP address in the field. By default, the fields will be filled in with your current IP address which you are using to access the Control Panel.

To add more IP addresses, just click on the button Add a new IP address again.

If you wish to remove an IP address, click on the button with a Trash icon next to it.

Disabling notifications

To entirely disable the security notifications for your account, you need to uncheck all boxes in front of all security events and click on the Update button.