Action log

The Action log section of the hosting Control Panel allows you to view the history of all actions performed via the hosting Control Panel by your user or any subusers. It also lists certain actions performed through the Webmail program, related to a specific mailbox.

The Filters section above the table allows you to search the log for entries based on the Username, the IP address, or specific Action/Details. Just enter the data you wish to search for, and use the magnifying glass button next to the field to apply the filter.

The Action Log section displays a table with the following fields:

  • Date shows the timestamp of the action.
  • User indicates the user that performed the action. It could be the hosting Control Panel user or a Control Panel subuser.
  • IP address displays the IP address of the device used to take the action. Actions taken by our Technical support team will be displayed with "Support office" instead of an IP address.
  • Action displays the exact action taken. The actions are self-explanatory, such as "DOMAIN PARK REQUEST" or "CREATE DATABASE USER". If the action is taken through the Webmail program, it will be prefixed by WM, such as "WM ENABLE SPAM ASSASSIN".
  • Details displays more specific details about the particular action.

The interface lists the actions for the last 365 days.