SSH Access

The SSH access section of the hosting Control Panel allows you to enable SSH access for your main Control Panel user as well as manage the access to various network and compiler tools.

IMPORTANT: Allowing SSH access to the hosting account, or access to any of the network and compiler tools may lessen the security of your hosting account. Please enable SSH or access to tools only if you plan to use them.

SSH access

To enable SSH access for your main hosting Control Panel user, just click on the button Enable under the SSH access subsection. Then you will be able to connect to the server over SSH, using a Terminal program, with the main username and password for your hosting Control Panel.

If you wish, you can configure key-based authentication to the server, and then disable the authentication with a username and a password. Instructions for configuring key-based authentication are available in the article Key-based authentication.  

SSH access for Control Panel subusers cannot be enabled.

Additional tools

The network tools under this section include curl, wget, links, lynx, ncftp3, ncftpget, ncftpput, and netkit-ftp. By default, as a security precaution, access to these network tools and the compilers on the server is disabled, as they can be used by hackers, in case a software on the hosting account is compromised. To enable access to the listed network tools or the GCC/G++ compilers, you need to click on the Enable button on the respective row.