Securing your Webmail program with a Let's Encrypt certificate

The Let's Encrypt certificates manager allows you to install a Let's Encrypt certificate for mbox.your_domain.com - this is the location of your Webmail program.

To enable the certificate for your Webmail, you simply need to locate the mbox.your_domain.com hostname in the list of domains/subdomains in the Let's Encrypt certificates manager, check the box in front of it, and use the button Enable. If you have parked domains on your account and you use any of them to access your Webmail program (eg. mbox.parked_domain.com), you need to enable a certificate for each domain. If you enable a certificate for your * (wildcard) subdomain, it will be effective for your mbox subdomain as well.

Note: As with any other hostname, you must have mbox.your_domain.com pointed to our hosting service to be able to install a Let's Encrypt certificate for it.

The installation of a Let's Encrypt certificate for other URLs of the webmail program (such as webmail.your_domain.com or mailbox.your_domain.com) is not supported.