Installing and deinstalling a Let's Encrypt certificate

You can install Let's Encrypt certificates for your domains/subdomains/parked domains through the hosting Control Panel -> section SSL/HTTPS -> Let's Encrypt Certificates Manager, provided that your hosting provider offers the ability to have Let's Encrypt certificates.

In this section, you can select the hostnames/FQDNs for which you want to issue a Let's Encrypt certificate, and press the button Enable. Doing that will automatically request certificates for the chosen hostnames, and will have them installed on the server. If a particular hostname (domain/subdomain) is not pointed to our hosting service, you will not be able to issue and install a Let's Encrypt certificate for it. This is due to the specifics of the issuance of Let's Encrypt certificates. Attempts to issue a certificate for a hostname that does not point to our service will end as Failed.

Once you have the certificates installed, they will be automatically renewed every 60 days. There are no additional actions you need to take.

If you want to disable a certificate, then you simply need to choose the proper hostnames from the table, and press the button Disable.

In case you have additional domains parked to the account, the dropdown Show hostnames of: allows you to select the domain which hostnames would be displayed on the screen. Domains/subdomains are ordered in an alphabetical order.

NOTE: If you install a Let's Encrypt certificate for a hostname on which you already have a commercial certificate installed, the certificate that will be served with priority will be the one of Let's Encrypt. Once you deinstall the Let's Encrypt certificate, your commercial certificate will be restored.

Some limitations of Let's Encrypt that you may stumble upon:

  • Let's Encrypt does not support wildcard SSL certificates. However, you can easily install a separate certificate for any of your subdomains, created through the Subdomains section of the hosting Control Panel.
  • Let's Encrypt has a limit of 20 certificates per week per domain. This limit includes certificates for the subdomains of the same domain as well.