What is two-factor authentication?

A two-factor authentication mechanism (2FA) provides user identification that is a combination of two separate authentication components.

The available 2FA mechanism of our hosting Control Panel consists of:

1. The hosting Control Panel password.
2. A security/authentication token which can be generated with any program that uses Time-based One-time Password algorithm (TOTP) to create security tokens. The tokens are created based on the current time and a randomly generated secret key (that is kept on the server and provided only to you to be used in your TOTP device).

Here are some security token applications that you can use on your mobile device to generate tokens:

Google Authenticator for Android/iPhone/BlackBerry and others
Duo Mobile for Android/iPhone/BlackBerry/Windows Phone and others
Authenticator for Windows Phone
Authomator for BlackBerry 10
FreeOTP for Android/iPhone

You can enable 2FA for your Control Panel from its Account Profile section. You can follow this link for more information on using 2FA with Google Authenticator.