Junk Mail folder

By default, when an email message gets filtered as spam, or when it matches some mail filter, it will be delivered to the Junk folder for the account. All filtered messages will be stored there. Messages in the Junk folder will be deleted after 3, 7, 14, or 30 days, depending on the settings at the Filters section in the Mail Manager.

You can access the Junk Folder with the Webmail program on the server or with an IMAP mail program.

You can disable the Junk Folder for a mailbox using the Mail Manager section in the hosting Control Panel.

IMPORTANT: If you disable the Junk Folder, filtered messages will be silently deleted, and the sender will not receive any notification about the failed delivery. We advise that you use this option with care. To be sure that you will not miss important messages, we advise that you have the Junk Folder enabled.