Global Filters

The Control Panel's Mail Manager section provides an option for defining global filters that will affect all of your mailboxes.

Using the Global mail settings tab in the Mail Manager section you can:

  • Configure SpamAssassin for all of your mailboxes as well as define global White/Blacklist. If you want to apply the same settings to all of your mailboxes, click on the Set for all mailboxes button. This will modify the individual settings for all of them. Click on the Disable for all mailboxes button if you want to deactivate SpamAssassin for all of your mailboxes.

  • Enable/Disable Antivirus protection for all of your mailboxes.

  • Define global Mail Header filters that will be applied to all messages sent to your domain. You can find information on the header filters in our Adding header filters article.

  • Enable/Disable Spamdyke and Graylisting. Details about those spam filtering tools can be found in our Spamdyke/Graylisting article.