Password tips

When choosing a password, you should avoid using:

• a very common password, such as the word "password" (in any language), "abc123", "letmein" and "newpass" or a dictionary word;

• identical password for different services; for example for other e-mail services, forum registrations, online banking, etc;

• passwords containing characters that are located next to one another on the keyboard like ytrewq, aassdd, qweasd, etc;

• passwords similar to the username, for example having username/password combination such as webmaster/webmaster12;

• passwords based on personal information that can be obtained via social engineering tactics;

• passwords based on a word with some letters replaced by similar-looking symbols; for example: p@ssw0rd, 1l0v3y0u. This is quite a common practice, and the hackers are well aware of it;

• simple word or phrase, combined with the current or a recent year; for example: 2014pass; new2015.

One method to create a strong password that you can remember is to use a so-called "passphrase" -- a string that consists of multiple words; it is strongly  recommended that it includes other symbols and/or digits too. Another popular option is to use randomly-generated passwords, and store them in a password-manager software.

Our Control Panel has an automated password generator available. You can learn more at:

Online Manual » Control Panel » Random password generator

Be sure not to share your password with anyone. Sending login credentials via e-mail, or an instant messenger that does not encrypt the data, is considered unsafe.